How does Invisalign® work?

Invisible orthodontics is a modern and highly requested treatment today. Its discretion and magnificent results make this method a great option for those who need it. Among the alternatives to invisible orthodontics is Invisalign, the most advanced brand on the market by far. The aligners used are custom-made and transparent, making them practically imperceptible to


How to take care of gums during pregnancy?

Expecting a son or daughter is one of the happiest stages for any mother. However, during pregnancy women can experience different physical pains and require some specific care. The gums are a very clear example of this, since during pregnancy it is possible that they feel discomfort due to their constant inflammation. During pregnancy there

sensibilidad dental

Dental sensitivity: the great enemy of summer

It’s time for ice creams, slushies, very cold drinks and our old friend dental sensitivity. There are numerous factors that can cause it, several solutions to combat it and at Advance Dental Institute we know how to help you.   What is tooth sensitivity and why does it happen? Although the best known cause is

causas de la inflamación de las encías

Which are the real causes of swollen gums?

It is an uncomfortable problem that requires professional intervention to be solved. But what are the causes of gum inflammation? What factors trigger the appearance of this problem? Despite being a fairly common situation, we are not always clear about why we can suffer from it. Don’t worry. We explain it to you in these

bótox preventivo para la ATM

Preventive Botox: What is it exactly?

In recent years, more and more tools are available to us to prevent the visible signs of aging, but also to correct a large number of oral pathologies. Recently, preventive Botox at the level of  TMJ has become one of the most demanded treatments. Do you want to know why, its advantages or which people

prótesis fija o removible

Fixed or removable prosthesis: which one is better?

One of the main doubts when we have to face a dental restoration treatment is whether it is better to bet on a fixed or removable prosthesis. Which alternative will be more convenient, simple or comfortable for the patient? We will try to explain the main points of each of them along these lines. At

sedación consciente

Conscious sedation: what is it?

Do you know what conscious sedation is? Do you know all its applications in the maintenance of oral health? In what moments or cases would a specialist bet on it? We are going to try to solve all the main doubts that may surround this technique in these new lines of our blog. At Advance

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