We have included the Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine Discipline to our already advanced treatments.

We collaborate closely with Dr Huw Jones whose offices are in the same community complex as Advance Dental Institute. They offer the best treatments available and come highly recommended by ourselves and our mutual clients. Please visit their website for more information and bookings.

We are specialists

Hyaluronic Acid

The Hyaluronic Acid is a component included in our body, and its synthetic form is safely used in Aesthetic Medicine.

The areas treated with HA are different depending on the need of volume and reshaping such as perimetry of the lips, between eyebrows, lip volume, etc…

Our materials

  • We only use top brands in Botox and Hialuronic Acid such as Vistabel® and Juvederm® respectively.

  • In addition, we are BTI Certified Center for Growth Factor Therapy application in Mallorca. Growth Factor Therapy used in Facial Therapy keeps the cellular health of the dermis away from UVA light as well as collagen preservation by improving the blood supply and rejuvenation of the skin of our face.

Botox Application

Is used to minimize the facial expressions responsible for wrinkle development by stress, the aging effect and many other reasons located in different areas of our face.

Also, the bruxism or grinding of our teeth by stress during the night can affect the TMJ and part of our dentition by wearing out the surface of our teeth becoming shorter over time with the potential pulp damage.

“The use of Botox at the Maseter muscle area will relax the muscle at the most critical moments without affecting the proper chewing and this will solve out the problem of over wearing even during the day when we also grind”

Our Doctor Jorge Blanco, the specialist in Facial Esthetics is the person responsible for the Esthetic Medicine Treatments, diagnosis, treatment planning and infiltrations of Botox & HA as well as Growth Factor Therapy.


Some of the most demanded cases are the tracing and volume augmentation of lips in order to provide a better profile of the lips when collapse with age is evident.


  • Additional treatment which sometimes when combined with dental aesthetics creates the perfect and most balanced result.
  • Botox application relieves the stressed muscle tone from grinders or with high bruxism activity of our patients.
  • With Botox application to reduce expression wrinkles, we avoid big surgeries and have much more control over the results.

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