The orthodontic treatment in adults is not only about esthetics, but also about periodontal health

The Orthodontic treatments and our oral health is fully connected since the unsolved issues of our dentition when we are young can affect the dentition when we grow older.

We have orthodontic treatments for KIDS and for ADULTS, and we adapt the treatment to the patient personalizing every case.

Malpositioning of our teeth as adults have a negative impact on self brushing since we cannot reach all areas of our teeth and create a very non organized bone support since crowding dentitions and lack of sufficient bone for certain number of teeth create a conflict that results in bone loss.

This can be re-organized by using orthodontic treatment in adults and avoiding potential problems.

Why are we different?

Our orthodontist works hand to hand with our Periodontist (specialist of Gums and Bone) since the tooth movement has a direct impact over the surrounding bone and if this is not taken into account, the non controlled orthodontic treatment can damage the bone that supports our teeth.

Our materials

We only work with high quality materials modernly designed to achieve predictable results in less time than usual.

Invisible Orthodontics (Invisalign) for adults is the best option by its discreteness and also the benefits of being a transparent and removable aligners that allow efficient self brushing improving the oral hygiene.

We are specialists in:

Traditional Orthodontics, Zafiro or White Braces, Damon System, Transparent aligners (Invisalign) and combined treatments specially in adults that requires the periodontal control during the whole treatment.


Patient suffered from TMD (temporo mandibular disorder) pain at the TMJ because the anterior open bite and bilateral cross bite as well as severe crowding with multiple recessions.

After 1.5 years with Invisalign, the bite was solved, the TMD disappeared, no pain at the level of the TMJ, the gum recessions correcting the teeth positioning spontaneously were covered and the happiness was evident.


Case #5


Severe Teeth Crowding and malpositioning.


Orethodontic treatment with Damon to over correct the occlusion, teeth position, gingival and bone architecture…


Reorganize the bone and gingival architecture to improve periodontal prognosis and self cleaning and maintenance. Esthetics and proper alignment.

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