trucos para cuidar tus dientes

5 tips to take care of your teeth

Today, concern for oral health and aesthetics is growing in our society. In our opinion, it is fortunate that, in recent years, the mentality of users has gradually changed. A beautiful and well-cared smile is synonymous with well-being and health. Therefore, we are going to offer you a few tricks to take care of your


Benefits of post extraction and immediate loading implants

Implantology is one of the most demanded services by our patients, which is why at Advance Dental Institute we have developed the technique of post-extraction implants and immediate loading. Do you want to know what they consist of and what their benefits are? We tell you everything in this post. The loss of a dental


Christmas foods that damage teeth

Christmas is here! It is a very beautiful time, where we get together with our loved ones and celebrate. However, on these dates we eat very different foods than usual, and there are certain Christmas foods that damage teeth for different reasons (because of their hardness, because of their large amount of sugar, because they


Is a dental implant painful?

One of the things that worries the patient the most when having an implant is pain. At Advance we understand that this is one of the biggest fears when performing an intervention of this type. However, we are happy to tell you that in most cases, the fears are unfounded. If you wonder if a


Which are the symptoms of the periodontal disease?

Periodontitis or periodontal disease is an infectious and progressive disease, produced by bacteria that affects the gums, the tissues that hold the tooth and the bone, and that can cause the loss of the piece. It is estimated that one in three Spaniards suffer from some type of periodontal disease, which is why it is

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