Blog > What is tooth sensitivity? Do you know that miracle pasta is counterproductive?What is tooth sensitivity? Do you know that miracle pasta is counterproductive?

qué es la sensibilidad dental

What is tooth sensitivity? Do you know that miracle pasta is counterproductive?What is tooth sensitivity? Do you know that miracle pasta is counterproductive?

Don’t know what dental sensitivity is? It is an oral problem that affects 20-35% of the adult population. Only people who have suffered from it can tell how uncomfortable it can be. From Advance Dental Clinic we want to take advantage of these lines to talk to you about this condition, about what you can and can’t do, its causes or explain why some miraculous remedies can do us more harm than good.

There is one thing that is indisputable: the sensation of dental sensitivity is tremendously annoying. This inconvenience is defined as acute dental pain caused by dentin exposure. Its appearance takes place when it comes into contact with certain stimuli from outside and that under normal conditions would be harmless, such as heat or cold, or sweet or acid.

In a normal oral health situation, the dentin is always protected by the enamel of the crown and by the root. Did you know that enamel is one of the hardest parts of our body? But there are certain areas where the enamel can be much thinner or weaker, such as the neck of the teeth. In case of losing it, the so-called dental tubules are exposed, small conduits through which fluids circulate.

sensibilidad dental

We already know what dental sensitivity is, what are its causes?

There are several reasons that can trigger the appearance of this problem. It is as important to know what dental sensitivity is as the causes that cause it. We can highlight the following:

  • Poor oral hygiene: Did you know that brushing with excessive force can cause gingival recession and abrasion, ending in an opening of the dental tubules? On the other hand, a lack of hygiene can also cause the destruction of the enamel and cement of our teeth.
  • Acidic diets and drinks: Some citrus fruits, jams, tea, wine or soft drinks can contribute to enamel erosion.
  • Bruxism: Patients suffering from this condition suffer wear and fractures much more frequently.
  • Oral diseases: Some cases of hidden cavities, receding gums or leaking fillings may also be behind this problem.
  • General diseases: There are certain general pathologies that cause a change in the acidity of the acids in the mouth, causing situations of greater dental erosion.

And what can we do to combat it? Are there tricks to take care of your teeth that prevent this condition? Well, there are really certain guidelines that we can follow and that will help us, such as choosing a specific toothbrush for dental sensitivity with extra-soft bristles. But, without a doubt, the best and most important piece of advice you can follow is to put yourself in the hands of a specialist. Visits to the dentist are the best way to prevent any type of case of tooth sensitivity.

On the contrary, there are a good number of “magic” toothpastes on the market that promise to end this ailment and regenerate the enamel of your teeth. Don’t sting. Unfortunately, dental enamel does not regenerate, but only root coverage can be done. Again, the important thing will be to be in the hands of true specialists.

Make an appointment with the experts at Advance Dental Clinic and tackle dental sensitivity.

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