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riesgo de un tratamiento de ortodoncia sin control

The risk of uncontrolled orthodontic treatment: Your teeth are in danger!

Are we really aware of the risk of orthodontic treatment without any control by specialists? What are the dangers that we can run if we do not have the follow-up of a professional dentist? We are going to try to explain the most important thing about this topic along these new lines of our blog. Let’s start!

It’s no secret. It’s not good news either, honestly. Low-cost orthodontic treatments and brands have more and more followers, followers and customers. They are alternatives that promise unbeatable results, speed and incredibly low prices. As you can imagine, this is an impossible combination and one that, on top of that, entails certain risks that are rarely discussed.

Cheap, easy and fast dental treatments are quite dangerous. It does not matter if we talk about orthodontics or whitening. These companies and brands take advantage of social networks and the Internet to find a good ground for customers. And they get it. The drawbacks begin later, when it is the user himself who must face the treatment without any help or supervision.

Follow-up, the key to avoiding the risk of uncontrolled orthodontic treatment

If the treatments carried out by professionals offer us something, it is results and safety. First of all, knowing that we are in good hands and that we will always have a specialized opinion regarding the objectives that we must set ourselves and what we can obtain. Secondly, the peace of mind of knowing that we are in good hands, with constant monitoring and regular reviews. This is the basis of good treatment.

But what is the risk of uncontrolled orthodontic treatment? We can list the following dangers:

  • Tooth sensitivity.
  • Jaw disorders.
  • Displacement of unwanted dental pieces.
  • In serious cases, it can also lead to the loss of teeth or irreversible damage to our gums.

Invisalign, pioneering, professional and indicated orthodontics for adults

In recent years, we have witnessed the appearance and consolidation of Invisalign, a practically invisible orthodontics that offers unbeatable results, saving us the inconvenience of traditional brackets. Invisalign is a pioneer, among other things, because behind it there is a team and a professional who monitors all patients from start to finish, especially adults.

One of the main reasons to bet on this alternative and not on the more traditional orthodontics is that you avoid the accumulation of plaque. Brackets increase the percentage of periodontal problems in adults. With Invisalign you have more control of hygiene and, in the long run, it is a huge advantage.

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting orthodontics, go to centers specialized in trusted brands, such as Clínica Advance, where we are experts in Invisalign treatments and achieve incredible results. Request your appointment with us.

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