PROFESSIONAL DENTAL WHITENING Enjoy a perfect and beautiful smile with the advanced whitening system White Dental Beauty®

The purpose of Dental Whitening is to improve the general chroma or white of your smile. In addition, stains from coffee or smoking are removed previous professional cleaning.

This is a very safe and consistent treatment that will have a positive impact on your smile and over the ones who see you smiling.

We have 2 different options of Dental Whitening

White Dental Beauty

A unique system designed by the most advanced experts in Cosmetic Dentistry to avoid Office Sessions

White Dental Beauty

The Secret of White Dental Beauty® is called NOVON, a new and patented whitening formula based on Hydrogen Peroxide, Urea and Sodium Triplephosphate. This unique formula produces the ph to augment progressively and safely achieving a perfect and faster whitening effect. This formula has been tested and patented by the group of experts Style Italiano.

The treatment is performed at home or in a quiet place. You only need some time to put the trays and relax. They are very safe and easy to use.

They don’t affect the enamel and they will not cause hyper sensitivity since they are produced by a Registered Formula (NOVON) which protects your teeth and at the same time accelerates the whitening with a long lasting effect.

The Alternative to Office Whitening

The treatment is used at home by applying the gels into the tray with the Novon Formula. This gels are safe and easy to spread throughout the tray that has been pre customized in the office by simple impressions of your mouth. The gels contain also a neutral Ph to protect the enamel, and high amount of water in the composition to keep the teeth hydrated.

Come to Advance Dental Institute and enjoy a shiny and white smile with our new generation of Dental Whitening Products.

Opalescence Boost

Our Office Dental Whitening System is based on 2 applications of Opalescence Boost of 20 minutes each the same appointment that will improve your dental bright safely and predictably.

Thanks to Opalescence Boost you won´t have to worry about sensitivity since it contains Potassium Nitrate which block the enamel tubules in order to avoid the Teeth Hypersensitivity.

Healty Smile

In Advance Dental Institute, you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile thanks to Opalescence Boost for a reasonable price.

Worldwide Leader in Office Whitening

From United States, Opalescence Boost with many years of experience is the most advanced, researched and developed Office Whitening Product.

Important tips from Dr Nicolas Aronna to know more about our Whitening Dental System

Our Medical Director and Periodontist explains with details what makes our System the Best Dental Whitening, efficient, safe and stable at long term.



Lower arches whitening


Dental Whitening on the bottom in order to pick the right chroma for the final Veneers.


Case #9


Dental Whitening with the Safest and Effective Home System (White Dental Beauty) for 2 weeks to achieve this impressive and stable whitening.


The most effective Dental Whitening I have ever had.


Case #8


Dental Whitening with the Home System (White Dental Beauty) for 2 weeks to achieve this impressive and stable whitening.


Denyse’s story …


More and more often the patients claim for a nice and beautiful teeth to feel the confidence they need to smile naturally.

In her case, teeth proportion, shape and malpositioning where off and needed to be restored.


Would you like to see her change? Click the video below and enjoy the process!

High Cosmetic Dentistry was performed following the Digital Smile Design and Dental Whitening to improve the final color and High Esthetic Veneers were created to change the complete smile.


Life Change


I am in shock! I can not believe how beautiful I feel inside now!


Sandra’s story …


In this case the patient presented old fillings with poor and old aspect as well as stained smile and over worn dentition due to bruxism.


Minimally invasive surgery with laser for crown lengthening following the Digital Smile Design.

  • Minimally invasive Cosmetic Dentistry with High Quality Veneers with the appropriate texture, translucency and color.
  • Dental whitening to improve chroma and final color.


Smile Rejuvenation, periodontal healing and radical change to get back the confidence in a beautiful smile.


I got my smile back…thank you so much…!

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