3D Diagnosis

In ADVANCE Dental Institute we bet on using the most advanced technology in Diagnosis.
Adjusting as much as possible to the patient’s needs.


Thanks to the 3D technology we can predict and adjust in millimetres the chances, needs and possibilities of every single case in order to provide the best Treatment Planning adapted to our patients.


The 3D images provided by our System allow us to visualize every single detail needed to diagnose and plan with a perfect resolution.

We use the best and most accurate 3D Diagnosis Techniques for early detection.

Your maxilla or mandible in 3D

The modern Dentistry moves forward very fast and we are on the track of moving with it. 3D image Diagnostic is a common Tool in our daily practice for our patients.

Effective and Precise 100%

A 3D map of our mouth is essential for a predictable diagnosis and Treatment Planning. This Technology not only allow us to be able to diagnose but also to drive the future implant placement using a virtual surgical template that we will use the day of the surgery.

No incisions

The use of a GUIDED 3D Surgical Guide will allow us to perform Implant Dentistry with no need of incisions or sutures.

Painless post surgical effect

The Minimally Invasive Surgery is performed to reduce the inflammation, eliminate potential complications, and provide the patient with a nice and pleasant experience which is completely different from what they have lived so far.

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