In ADVANCE Dental Institute we are specialists in Endodontic Treatments because we use the most advanced instruments for Root Canal Fillings.

The decay advancement is normally slow and progressive through the enamel and dentine (both superficial layers of the tooth). Reaching the nerve rapidly or advancing very fast may cause spontaneous pain, however when is extremely slow, the nerve dies and the removal of it is necessary in order to avoid the appearance of abscess or acute infection. 
The treatment is painless and it usually takes around 1, 2 or 3 visits for complete restored tooth and proper function.
Endodonthics tooth decay restoration in Mallorca

The root canal treatment or best known as endodontics is one the most valued specialities in dentistry which involves long and complex treatments. The main goal is to clean perfectly the inside of the canal with special rotatory and advanced instruments in order to obturate or block the access to any bacterial activity or microfiltration with special and biocompatible cements.

Root Canal Treatment called Endodontic treatment is performed by a specialist who removes the affected nerve from the tooth responsible for pain or infection.
That canal is cleaned and sealed by special material in order to block the pathway.
The cause of having an affected nerve can be extensive decay, trauma or periodontal abscess for instance.

Why are we different?

We are specialists dedicated each one of us, in a specific field, well trained and prepared to face any given situation. This gives us credibility and the assurance of knowing what to do in every scenario. Because all the specialists are connected and committed in every single case.

We take care of every single detail to ensure the success behind every single patient.

Our Materials

The Root canal treatment requires a proper diagnosis, this is the reason we take

3D x-rays to check and detect every single detail, not only to analyze before the treatment but also to confirm the final outcome.

Rotatory instrumentation is way ahead of classic manual instrumentation becoming the best way to confirm the fully filled canals and the absence of remanent tissue responsible for relapse and failures.

Our specialty

One important aspect is to confirm that the Doctor involved in the treatment is a specialist in Endodontics to bring success and control to your treatment.

A delicate dedication and a clear goal: Saving the tooth.


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