The most advanced techniques

The most advanced techniques that we have learned in the United States and New York University is our seal of guarantee of success. Advanced instrumentation makes us to be different from the rest.

Certificated professionals

Continuing Education and Professionals at the highest levels of Dentistry is what we offer you in ADVANCE. Commitment and passion as well as knowledge allow us to be quicker, think faster and be better than others. NYU Certificate is our Reference and Background.

We are not one more clinic like others, our commitment and goal, beyond treating mouths is changing lives.

Professionals committed to their work

Dr Nicolas Aronna & Dr Giovanna Di Prima who have been formed and trained in New York University that bring new concepts, techniques, ideas and treatments with continuous evolution but always understanding the individual case and never standardizing are the ones representing the concept of Modern Dentistry in Mallorca.

Recognized by colleagues around the world by their experience, Continuous Education Lectures given internationally and committed with our patients.

Specialized in modern dentistry

Minimally invasive instruments, minimal reductions and techniques to preserve the original tooth structure and original architecture of the mouth are examples of Modern Dentistry, a concept developed to maximize success, reduce the pain and discomfort, eliminate anxiety and protect the treatment for long term success.

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