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Temporomandibular Joint Trauma

Those patients who suffer Temporomandibular Joint Pain very often associate that to headaches that sometimes extend to ears, neck or even back pains.
In order to detect the problem, is necessary numerous visits to neurologist, physiotherapist or orthopedist. What the patients don’t know is that in many occasions, the non balanced occlusion or bite will drive to a forced trauma directly to the Temporomandibular Joint responsible for the connection between the mandible and the rest of our craniofacial area.

We are specialized in different techniques for the diagnosis of TMD.

Diagnosis techniques

In order to provide the appropriate treatment planning we use different techniques for Diagnosis such as Temporomandibular Joint Pain Map, MRI, CT Scan and occlusion study.
The use of the non appropriate mouth guard without, an specific function will worsen the clinical status of the patient making it even chronic if not detected on time.

Experts in TMD

In ADVANCE DENTAL INSTITUTE, we are not only diagnosing TMD but also Treating our patients in the most advanced way. The use of LASER PAIN THERAPY will help the patient to recover much faster in a 100% SAFE PROTOCOL.

Mouth Guard

To protect your TMJ and your natural or new restored dentition.

One of the most effective ways to protect your TMJ and your natural or new restored dentition is by using a Mouth Guard for a various reasons.

TMJ is under a constant load and after a night grinding it gets soured and inflamed. Its chronic effect could cause arthrosis of the TMJ by loosing the articulation disc and its components involved in articulating & moving.

Also the dentition suffers an over wear because of the natural chewing in addition to the over night grinding. The use of a mouth guard will protect either your own teeth and your new restorative work.

For the same reason we usually use a case for our phone, we should use a mouth guard to protect our teeth.

“The use of Botox at the Maseter muscle area will relax the muscle at the most critical moments without affecting the proper chewing and this will solve out the problem of over wearing even during the day when we also grind”

Our Doctor Jorge Blanco, the specialist in Facial Esthetics is the person responsible for the Esthetic Medicine Treatments, diagnosis, treatment planning and infiltrations of Botox & HA as well as Growth Factor Therapy.

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