Digital Smile Design

In Advance we innovate so you can enjoy a perfect smile, designed in a very fast and simple way.

What do we offer you in Advance?

We all worth our oral health, but not all of us know how important our smile is and how much it influences our social relationships as well as job opportunities.
Advance Dental Institute betting on the innovation offers you Digital Smile Design.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary System created by Christian Coachman that allows the patient visualize the results before starting the treatment on his or her mouth.

With Digital Smile Design we can design your future smile before we start the treatment.

How it works?

In four simple steps you will be able to see your perfect smile, and personalised to your face proportions.


Take pictures of the patient

Since not all Smiles are the same, we study your face and details in order to achieve the most appropriate tooth shape and color in harmony with your needs and face proportions. Thanks to a series of videos and photos that we take in our studio, we will be able to design digitally your future smile before you start the treatment.


Analyze the pictures

Once your smile has been designed, we transfer it to what we call MOCK UP that we try in your mouth for 5 minutes of new videos and pictures that we will show you afterwards.


Smile Design

Once digitally designed we create the “Mock Up” which is the physical new smile that reproduces the real aspect of your future smile.


Smile Test

We try the Mock up in the patient’s smile in order to check the Impact that creates the new smile on the patients face.



More and more often the patients demand rejuvenate the smile because of deterioration after years of not taking care of the dentition or because the original position and shape are not ideal or do not match with their facial proportions.


The Advanced Implantology and Restorative Dentistry performed by the qualified Drs Nicolas Aronna and Giovanna Di Prima respectively guarantee a beautiful and impressed result.


Video Experience of a Digital Smile Design Session.



Before and After example of our patient Vanessa after DSD session and full mouth rehabilitation treatment.


Micky wanted a more proportioned smile, and DSD helped to achive our gol. Full patient satisfaction.

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