Invisible Orthodontics

Our ADVANCE Dental Institue offers you the fastest, modern, comfortable, safe and discreet orthodontics in the World.

In Advance Dental Institute we offer you the best alternative to braces, the original invisible orthodontics. A better way to straighten, balance and correct your bite in a very comfortable way.

Invisible orthodontics is based on transparent aligners that are changed every 2 weeks with mild changes that fit perfectly in the patients mouth providing esthetics and comfort during the whole treatment.

The aligners are used 22h a day meaning that you can remove them for eating, drinking  and brushing. So simple!

Why are we different

  • Our specialists are committed to excellence with our patients which means that every single case represents a goal to achieve success.
  • We respect the protocols in terms of time and quality.
  • We give a quality and treatment warranty up to 5 years if any refinement is needed in case of relapse.
  • The complex treatments that require a longer time to plan are explained and that is our identity, the slow dentistry when needs to be slow and accurate.
  • By using 3D software we can preview the case before starting the treatment.

We are specialists

  • Invisalign providers with International Certificate of Excellence.
  • Damon Clear and Damon Traditional Braces Certificate.
  • Traditional Orthodontics and Zafiro or Clear Braces (3M)
  • Sleep Apnea early Diagnosis.
  • TMD ( Temporo mandibular disorders and TMJ malfunction)

Our Materials

  • The specialized acrylic material used for Invisalign, laser trimmed and the attachments placed over your teeth will guarantee the appropriate load and specific movement needed to be effective.
  • The Preview of the case with the Clincheck will determine the number of aligners, the type of movement and also de time needed to complete the case.

Why are we different in Invisible Orthodontics?

  • Our treatments are assigned to experienced Doctors and the planning is based on a very important study and analysis made by them.
  • The time needed to plan the aligners to make the right movement is essential for the successful end of the treatment, avoiding relapse and confirming the right occlusion.
  • The long term success starts with the correct planning and knowledge applied.

Interview to our patient Francisco

Here Dr Aronna and our patient Francisco want to share the experience with invisalign from both point of views.

Example of a ClinCheck (Preview of the future treatment before we start)

The Clincheck will allow the patient preview 3D virtually the future position of the teeth before we start the treatment. In addition, number of aligners, time needed and finishing position will be displayed in the screen of our Center.





Full Invisalign treatment to over correct the anterior open bite, posterior crowding, multiple recessions that spontaneously without surgery were covered after the invisible orthodontic treatment.


“ This is incredible, and no surgery for my recessions! All gone!!

Invisalign usually takes less time than any other orthodontic treatment.


  • It is a very comfortable treatments since it keeps you away from developing mouth ulcers derived from braces.
  • Since they are removable I can take them off whenever I want to eat or brushing my teeth.
  • All patients that pick this option enjoy a better adaptation compared to getting used to traditional braces.
  • It’s a personalized treatment adapted to each case.

In ADVANCE we are experts in Invisible Orthodontics

We offer you the fastest, advanced, most modern, comfortable, safe and most discreet in the World.

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