Advanced Dentistry

New York University Techniques

The most advanced techniques that we have learned in the United States and New York University is our seal of guarantee of success. Advanced instrumentation makes us to be different from the rest.

Digital Smile Design

In Advance we innovate so you can enjoy a perfect smile, designed in a very fast and simple way.

Conscious Sedation

Enjoy your treatment comfortable, safe and effective.

Painless Treatment

We apply precise and minimally invasive techniques and painless dental treatments in order to provide the patient with the best result and no discomfort.

Bone Regeneration

Experts in Regenerative Medicine, we use modern techniques that guarantee the maximum regeneration in the minimum time possible.

3D Diagnostics

In ADVANCE Dental Institute we bet on using the most advanced technology in Diagnosis. Adjusting as much as possible to the patient’s needs.

Growth Factors

By adding new growth factors to the recipient site we can ensure good closure, non infection risk as well as maximum capacity for the healing process to take over.

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)

Our Doctors treat Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) with the maximum guarantee.
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