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importancia de la salud bucodental

Doctor Nicolás Aronna speaks at IB3 about the dangers of not having proper oral health

49% of the citizens in Spain did not go to the dentist last year. Almost half, a rather revealing figure. Even today there are many people who are not up to date on the importance of oral health. However, neglecting this aspect can lead to considerable problems.

There is no need to fool yourself. Covid has had a clear impact on this statistic. Fear has been one of the factors that explain this fact, as can also be the economic issue. Of course, we Spaniards are not an example in this type of habit or in oral hygiene. These were some of the data that Dr. Nicolás Aronna explained on May 7 in the IB3 program Cinc Dies, where he was invited as an expert doctor in dentistry.

One aspect that we have to keep in mind is that dental pathologies are slow, progressive and almost asymptomatic until they cause a major problem. Hence, the importance of having the habit of not thinking of a dentist’s office as hostile territory, but rather a healthy habit to take care of ourselves and prevent various pathologies.

Regarding the importance of oral health, it is necessary to know that such common problems as cavities or periodontal disease will have slow and progressive evolution. If we do not visit our specialist or do not have a correct oral hygiene routine, what will develop is a progressive loss of the bone that supports the teeth. A pretty serious problem.

Lack of culture around the importance of oral health

The main reason for the importance of oral health is that it allows us to prevent all kinds of pathologies in our teeth and gums. Frequent reviews and daily hygiene are two weapons that we have at our disposal. It is important to know that when we notice that there is a symptom in our mouth that is not normal, the ideal is to go to a professional. Suffering, for example, dental sensitivity is not normal. If it happens, you have to go to a specialist to look at us and advise us.

In the same way, episodes of bleeding gums take place because something is happening inside our mouth. It is best not to go to the pharmacy to buy a mouthwash, since we could mask a deterioration process that will not be stopped by the use of these solutions. Camouflaging it can be counterproductive. It is best to go to a qualified specialist who is able to assess the situation.

In our opinion, the importance of oral health should be beyond doubt. Therefore, it is important to promote good habits among the population. It is appreciated that IB3 has in Cinc Dies a space dedicated to general awareness. It has been a pleasure for Dr. Nicolás Aronna to participate in the program and contribute our little grain of sand.

Next we leave you the intervention of Dr. Aronna in the program of May 7th 2022.

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