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Sticky foods: What do I do if they get on my teeth?

We all like to enjoy eating. We can say that it is one of the great pleasures of life, right? The inconvenience arises when problems begin to appear that did not exist before. One of those situations is when we eat sticky foods that can be harmful to our mouth and gums. At Advance we

Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design®?

Could you explain what Digital Smile Design (DSD) consists of? How can it help you or is it really what you need? We would like to take advantage of these new lines from our blog to explain this technique in a detailed way and how it can help you with your smile. Only at Advance


Which lip type do you have and which one would you like to have?

The smile is part of an organized complex of elements made by teeth properly aligned, naturally whitened, a proportional gingival display, upper and lower lip lines balanced with the rest of the dentition during the smile. In our Dental Center ( Advance Dental Institute ) we count on all those elements which are very important


Change your smile and improve your life…

We have mentioned several times before the impact that our smile creates on people around us and the way it conditions our life and behavior when we are not happy with it. But it is important to say that “perfection” in a smile is not synonym of beauty but it means artificial sometimes…especially with lab


The Power of your smile. Do you know its real value?

Did you know that our mouth and smile is the part of our face most observed when speaking and interacting with other people? Our smile and our teeth are today a very important part of the image that we give. This is why when we are thinking about high quality dental assessment, we are expecting


Everything you always wondered about Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry

The advanced aesthetic dentistry is a disciple that is covered by many specialties which main goal is balance your smile with the rest of your face. The Dr Nicolas Aronna, Medical Director of Advance Dental Institute explains that when we speak about dental esthetics we are not only referring on straight teeth, white and clean.

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