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Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design®?

Could you explain what Digital Smile Design (DSD) consists of? How can it help you or is it really what you need? We would like to take advantage of these new lines from our blog to explain this technique in a detailed way and how it can help you with your smile.

Only at Advance Dental institute you will find a clinic prepared to offer the best service and the latest technology in this field. We are experts in the design of beautiful, balanced and natural smiles through Digital Smile Design. If what you are looking for is healthy, young teeth, with their appropriate shapes and proportions, we invite you to put yourself in our hands as soon as possible. You will not regret it.

For many years we have already been concerned about the oral health of all our patients. In this field, we have been able to grasp the importance of the smile and how influential it can be in our life and our environment. Digital Smile Design arrives as if it was a revolution. It is a technique that allows us to make a digital design of the smile, visualizing the desired or sought results even before starting the treatment itself.

In this way, anyone who comes to our center will be able to know how their treatment is going to develop and what the end point will be, the goal to be achieved. Technology, once again, is at our side to help us and facilitate our day by day.

In just four steps, Digital Smile Design will allow us to enjoy a perfect smile quickly and easily:

  1. The first of all is taking pictures of the patient. From here, they can be used to carry out a totally personalized study. We are aware that all people are different and, therefore, our mission will be to develop a specific plan for each of them, with their characteristics, limitations or desires.
  2. The photographs are inserted into the computer and are used to create all kinds of proportions, designs and even the texture that the future smile could have.
  3. The third step will be to digitize all the information to produce a physical reproduction of the patient’s future smile. We call this mold Mock Up.
  4. The last of the steps will be to try on the mold itself, see yourself in the mirror, see yourself recorded, see a real simulation … Basically, that the patient knows how it will look when the treatment comes to an end. Know in advance the results to be obtained.

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