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Which lip type do you have and which one would you like to have?

The smile is part of an organized complex of elements made by teeth properly aligned, naturally whitened, a proportional gingival display, upper and lower lip lines balanced with the rest of the dentition during the smile.

In our Dental Center ( Advance Dental Institute ) we count on all those elements which are very important to achieve beautiful outcomes because the facial proportions make the guide that we follow in order to connect all the elements.

In orthodontics, after repositioning the teeth into the proper position an additional cosmetic work might be needed since the shape of the teeth are guided by the mentioned facial proportions and micro veneers ( minimally invasive ) are a great option to finish beautifully especially in cases of excessive wear dentition.

The use of Hialuronic Acid to provide with the appropriate lip volume is a perfect option to take the best out of your dental treatment as well as to minimize the expression wrinkles developed with the years. 

Dr Jorge Blanco is our Physician Specailist in Esthetic Medicine who will inform you about all the options that in your case could be applied.

Most of the people suffer from Bruxism and one option is to use Botulinic Toxine, (Botox®) in order to reduce the muscular activity of masseter muscle which is the responsible for the excessive ware, dental restoration failures and cracks as well as for temporo mandibular disorder.

The safe infiltration of Botox® in the masseter is the perfect solution to preserve the integrity of our restorations as well as our teeth in muscles with excessive activity.

Here you have all the information regarding the Regenerative Esthetic Medicine that we offer in our Center.

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