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Everything you always wondered about Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry

The advanced aesthetic dentistry is a disciple that is covered by many specialties which main goal is balance your smile with the rest of your face.
The Dr Nicolas Aronna, Medical Director of Advance Dental Institute explains that when we speak about dental esthetics we are not only referring on straight teeth, white and clean. We want to achieve harmony with the rest of the facial proportions, this is the reason why perfection in modern dentistry is not squared and even teeth.
In advance dental institute we are aware of the multiple myths and questions around dental aesthetics. This is the reason why this article will try to solve some of your questions you may have.

Where do we need to apply Dental Aesthetic Treatment among the cases we receive in the clinic?

This treatments are designed for people not happy with the smile such as gummy smiles, crowded dentition and non aligned or even old dental fillings which are stained after several years because of coffee, tea or smoking habits.
Any situation that creates a sensation of non healthy smile might trigger the need for consultation about dental esthetics.
If you are in any of this situations we can assess you by clicking here and book your free appointment with our professionals.

How do we diagnose?

The first thing we do is to ask our patients by filling out the form what is what bothers you about your smile. For us the priority is to accomplish not only the patient expectations but also respond to the initial request unless is secondary compared to other oral health problems that need to be treated before.
We take pictures of profile, rest, front and even sometimes videos to see the interaction of the patient with the rest of the audience when speaking.
Some cast models might be taken to study the case so the Team can gather around the case and analyze better if a multidisciplinary approach is needed.

Which service are offered?

We need to integrate the smile with the rest of the face and in order to achieve that ewe might need orthodontic treatment in case of shifted midline, or canted arch, diastema or spaces between teeth, etc…
The most important aspect is to respect the function first in order to provide a stable treatment at long term treatment planning.

Which materials are used during the process?

From Advanced and Protected Dental Whitening treatments to use in the Office or at Home such as White Dental Beauty that we offer as exclusive Center in Mallorca.
Personalized Veneers for Natural and final aspect in terms of texture and translucency by the artistic hands of our technician and designed by our specialists in Digital Smile Design Dr Giovanna Di Prima we can use lithium disilicate or circonia with cutback and feldespatic porcelain.

Special Care with our treatments

Specific cementation of the veneers applied over teeth that are protected by the guidance and relationship between upper and lower dentition, as well as proper habits are very important to ensure long term success.
The use of mouth guard during the night is the most predictable protection for our dental work.

What does the people look for when arriving to Advance Dental Institute?

Did you know that our mouth and smile is the part of our face most observed when speaking and interacting with other people?

A smile given at specific moment can change the future, may captivate someone and serve as an important tool to convince our potential boss to hire you for your dreamed job.

A smile can make us feel good and happy every time we look ourselves in the mirror at least two important moments of our day, as soon as we wake up and before going to sleep.

Can the patients see the result in advance with Digital Smile Design?

In Advance Dental Institute we follow the strict DSD protocol and once studied and analyzed we design the future smile according to the facial proportions. 

The mock up try is evaluated by the patient in order to achieve initial acceptance of the design which 99.99% of the times is a great success because following facial proportions we cannot fail.

Are the Dental Aesthetic treatments painful at all?

No treatment provided in Advance Dental Institute is painful since we use minimally invasive techniques for teeth preparation and also unique techniques for anesthesia. 

Is there any improvement in health at the time of Aesthetic Dental Treatment?

As we mentioned before the Full Integrated and predictable treatment is the one that covers function and aesthetics, being function the one that provides health and stability at long term.

Usually crowded dentition brings the wrong bone topography which impairs the self cleaning by hiding surfaces that need to be exposed to brush them properly, high bruxism and teeth abrasion may cause pulp exposure so these kind of situations are evaluated in advance in order to give the right importance to what really needs our attention.

So Dental Aesthetics involves many positive results when performed properly. If you want more information regarding this Service please click here and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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