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The Hialuronic Acid; the best ally to complete your facial harmony

When we speak about a beautiful smile, we are not considering aligned teeth, extra white and all at the same size.

The nice, natural and beautiful smile is achieved by connecting all the components of our smile together in balance and harmony with the rest of our face.

Unfortunately some lines of expression at certain ages appear because of the natural early loss of collagen of our skin exposed to sun, low hydration etc…

In order to maintain a facial harmony and show a natural and young smile for a longer time Advance Dental Institute provides the Specialty of Facial Aesthetics by the use of Botox and Hialuronic Acid in order to refill the unavoidable facial wrinkles and even to emphasize the lip support and lip display among other areas to treat.

The Hialuronic Acid treatment is highly demanded in Facial Aesthetic treatment, one of the safest treatments in the market since this substance is contained in our body as natural reservoir.

What do I need to know regards Hialuronic Acid (HA)?

The Hialuronic Acid is present in our skin in a natural environment. Among its functions resides to keep the skin moisturized and elastic as well as to produce collagen.

As we grow the synthesis of this substance is reduced which promotes the formation of wrinkles and dehydration of the skin. By infiltrating HA we can maintain the skin young for a longer time and stop the signs of age.

It does not have any stiffness effect on our skin since is a very flowable substance becoming painless at the time of application.

Our professionals make the initial examination of the areas to treat which represent the demand of the patient and after the proper assessment the treatment is performed either the day of consultation or in a later appointment.

Why in Advance Dental Institute we are one of the Best Centers of HA Application?

Because our specialists are Doctors highly qualified and experience achieving natural results, that work hand by hand with the dentists in order to achieve the best balance and harmony between the smile and rest of the face.

It is a matter of facial proportions, harmony, balance and natural effect.

The HA stays in place between 9 months and 1 year depending on different factors such as age of the patient, genetics, status of the area and skin receiving the treatment etc.

It is important to take care of the skin after a HA treatment, cleaning thoroughly and softly the treated area, using specific facial creams that work in favor of our hydration avoiding smoking, alcohol, overexposure to the sun and intense exercise.

Is the Hialuronic Acid a treatment for me?

The HA Hydrates, contributes to the production of collagen, rejuvenate the skin, minimize the wrinkles and harmonizes the smile.

It is the perfect complement for the facial aesthetic and it is indicated to all the people who want to improve the health of the skin either male or female.

As Dr Nicolas Aronna, Medical Director of Advance Dental Institute the skin treatments are performed in a very sensitive way so the experience of the patient starts from the initial visit, achieving very accurate results and always respecting the demand of the patient.

The HA used in Advance is Revanesse® and Juvederm® both high quality brands in Facial Esthetics, with low viscosity for easy infiltration into the skin.

The infiltrations of HA are performed with extra thin needles to avoid pain, scars and allow access to any area even with very thin skin.

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