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The importance of Team Work to achieve beautiful and predictable results

Dentistry is a very complex job for many reasons; and perform it properly taking care of every detail is a key factor to achieve a successful and beautiful result.

In order to re-create a smile you need a Team that is specialized at the highest level in Education & Professionalism which both should stand as the first commitment.

The well organized Team-work is essential, communication and correct performance in all the procedures connected in space and time allow us to be predictable, have the full control of every single treatment at all times.

From the most simple cases to the most complex ones, we assess the patient with the correct Diagnosis in the First Visit and this will trace the best treatment planning which sometimes requires different members of the Team, all specialized and trained to provide the best planning and specific treatment like the one you see in the picture.

In this case the patient was missing the two lateral incisors which had a negative impact in her smile. She wanted to change her smile and also her life when smiling.

We treated the misalignment with invisalign® to create enough space for the laterals, also straighten the teeth, whitening with Home Dental Whitening Kit from White Dental Beauty  and two implants were placed as well as some veneers to improve the smile and provide the most natural and beautiful aspect.

This case shows the integration of the Team, the good organization and the most accurate performance to achieve this beautiful result.

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