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The Power of your smile. Do you know its real value?

Did you know that our mouth and smile is the part of our face most observed when speaking and interacting with other people?

Our smile and our teeth are today a very important part of the image that we give. This is why when we are thinking about high quality dental assessment, we are expecting a perfect balance between aesthetics and function because what we want is a harmony between what we are and what we want to communicate.

A smile given at specific moment can change the future, may captivate someone and serve as an important tool to convince our potential boss to hire you for your dreamed job.

A smile can make us feel good and happy every time we look ourselves in the mirror at least two important moments of our day, as soon as we wake up and before going to sleep.

Love yourself the way you are but listen to your body in case of pain and listen to your heart in case of needing a new and beautiful smile.

In Advance Dental Institute we not only do dentistry, we change people’s lives and make amazing smile design project that have an impact over the people’s lives that they would never imagine. Find out here how we do it!

In order to change your life for a better living, your smile is an asset that brings only good vibes around you, make you feel comfortable and confident with yourself and helps you to achieve more goals and overcome challenging situations.

Smiling is living freely and express yourself with no limitations. If we smile we communicate positivity and beauty, the perfect combination to close the circle of synergy.

Dr Nicolas Aronna Mallia

Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

New York University

Medical Director of Advance Dental Institute

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