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Is a dental implant painful?

One of the things that worries the patient the most when having an implant is pain. At Advance we understand that this is one of the biggest fears when performing an intervention of this type. However, we are happy to tell you that in most cases, the fears are unfounded. If you wonder if a dental implant is painful, we confirm that it is not, putting an implant does not hurt. What’s more, it’s a very quick procedure and nothing painful if done by the right professionals.

At Advance, our implantology experts are periodontists-implantologists who have extensive knowledge of the biological basis of the teeth and their bone support, which is why they choose the best way to treat them so that it is as least invasive as possible.

The best equipment for dental implants

At Advance we have a methodology that is painless. One of the reasons why our treatments do not hurt is that we perform the placement of dental implants with advanced microsurgical instruments to leave most of the tissue intact and perform the implant through surgery without pain or inflammation, and with an immediate recovery.

In addition, our anesthetists use techniques to make the entire process painless, even the small puncture for the placement of anesthesia.

Patients who are afraid of the dentist can use conscious sedation, which is a combination of a relaxing medication and an anesthetic to block pain. This cocktail allows the patient to stay awake during the treatment and recover quickly after it.

As you can see, if you were wondering if a dental implant is painful, the answer is no. There are many options for pain-free oral treatment. If you want more information, remember that you can request a free appointment.

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