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Conscious sedation: what is it?

Do you know what conscious sedation is? Do you know all its applications in the maintenance of oral health? In what moments or cases would a specialist bet on it? We are going to try to solve all the main doubts that may surround this technique in these new lines of our blog.

At Advance Dental Institute we have expert anesthetists in this technique. Therefore, by placing your trust in us, you will be doing so in the best possible team. We will be happy to analyze your case and offer you adequate and, above all, personalized solutions. Each patient is unique and so must be our response.

Conscious sedation is a technique that facilitates the relaxation of the patient, which allows specialists to carry out all kinds of treatments in a much more comfortable and effective way. It allows, therefore, to obtain better results by reducing discomfort. What we can tell you is that, in our opinion, it is ideal for people with a fear of the dentist.

Why? Basically, because it allows the patient to remain conscious for the duration of the entire treatment without suffering any discomfort. This provides large doses of tranquility and relaxation. What we achieve is to break down one of those psychological barriers that we have when it comes to going to a dental clinic. There are many people who neglect their health for the simple fact of suffering from stress from going to a check-up with their dentist.

Main advantages of conscious sedation
There are several benefits of betting on conscious sedation. In summary, some of the most relevant would be:

  • Ideal for people who suffer from odontophobia, a fear that directly affects their oral health.
  • Creates a state of relaxation and tranquility ideal for the patient.
  • Decreased anxiety.
  • Greater safety during the review or intervention, both for the patient and for the specialist.
  • The treatments will be much simpler, even allowing them to be completed in a single session.
  • Lastly, it should also be noted that the recovery and postoperative phase will be much lighter and more bearable. Much simpler.


One aspect that we would like to highlight about conscious sedation is that it is not available to all dental clinics. It requires having true specialists capable of carrying it out efficiently and without inconvenience for the patient. For this reason, at Advance we are at your entire disposal to help you in everything that is in our power. We will wait for you!

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