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Dental sensitivity: the great enemy of summer

It’s time for ice creams, slushies, very cold drinks and our old friend dental sensitivity. There are numerous factors that can cause it, several solutions to combat it and at Advance Dental Institute we know how to help you.


What is tooth sensitivity and why does it happen?

Although the best known cause is the consumption of hot and cold foods or the presence of cavities, there are other factors that influence the possibility of experiencing sensitivity such as cracked teeth, erosion of the enamel or receding gums, which can be treated in clinic through specialties such as periodontics or conservative dentistry.

Beneath the enamel is the dentin, which is made up of small channels that reach the nerve of the tooth. If the enamel, due to any of the factors mentioned above, exposes part of the dentin and soft tissues of the tooth, the stimulus will travel directly to the nerve. That is why when eating or drinking something cold, hot, sour or very sweet, we stimulate the nerve and we notice that characteristic discomfort.


What can we do to combat it?

Eradicating consumption of the type of food that causes us sensitivity may seem like a very logical goal. However, it is not easy to achieve.

In the summer we tend to consume more ice cream, drinks loaded with acidic or sugary foods, slushies, etc. And who says no to something this cool when it’s hot? Take note of these tips:

  • Reduce very sugary, acidic or cold foods.
  • Counteract their effects by drinking water or milk after them.
  • Pay special attention to your oral hygiene, keep your mouth clean, and be gentle and gentle when brushing your teeth.
  • Use fluoride toothpastes, as it protects our teeth from erosion.


In which case should I visit the dentist because of tooth sensitivity?

If, despite the above preventive measures, you continue to experience discomfort, you should go to a consultation to be able to treat the problem locally and more precisely. Your tooth sensitivity may be due to enamel loss or receding gums that leave dentin exposed. This can be caused by bruxism, malocclusion, piercings, periodontitis or aggressive brushing.

All this may sound catastrophic to you, but it has a solution. At Advance Dental Institute we are specialists in dental aesthetics, one of the branches of dentistry that can best solve this problem.

There are numerous options at your disposal so that dental sensitivity ceases to be a nuisance. Make an appointment with our professional team and we will help you put an end to it.


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