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I have lost a tooth, what to do in the event of a tooth fracture?

It is one of the situations that can create the most fear. We refer to seeing how we have broken a tooth and our smile is touched. Suddenly, everything is nerves and despair. But you have to take things easy and put yourself in the best hands before doing anything that could make the situation worse. A tooth fracture is an issue that we must face with the seriousness it requires.

The first thing you have to know is that a broken tooth is one of the most common emergencies in dentistry. In this sense, we must be calm, since the solutions that are currently available to us offer high-quality results. At Advance Dental Institute, as experts in dental aesthetics, we will be happy to help you with everything you need. Do not hesitate for a moment to put yourself in our hands. We assure you that you will not regret it.

Different  types of tooth fracture

There are several reasons that can cause a tooth fracture. The most common causes are trauma, falls, accidents or biting on food or very hard objects. This can lead to different types of fractures, each with a different treatment. Thus, we can distinguish:

  • Complete enamel fracture without loss of tooth structure.
  • Complete enamel fracture with loss of tooth structure.
  • Enamel fracture, with loss of tooth structure, but without loss of pulp structure.
  • Amelodentinal fractures.
  • Fractures involving the crown, root, enamel, and root cementum.

How to act in front of a tooth fracture?

What is the first thing we have to do when we notice that we have lost a tooth? Calm. Keep calm. This is a moment that usually generates a lot of nervousness in patients. Not only because of the fracture or the possible pain that could be felt, but also because of the aesthetic component. It is quite common for there to be episodes of bleeding and pain. Despite this, they are not usually serious emergencies, as long as you know how to react.

The most appropriate of all will be to put yourself in the hands of specialists as soon as possible. First of all, try to pick up the dental piece or pieces of it that you find and save them. Also, rinse your mouth to clean it. For a partial tooth fracture, it is best to gently clean the tooth and apply a cold compress to prevent excessive swelling of the area. In the case of total fractures, the lost tooth will have to be submerged in a glass of milk and plug the area with a gauze pad to stop the bleeding, urgently going to a specialist.

As we say, the two keys to dealing with this kind of situation are calm and going to a dentist who is capable of offering us the best possible care as soon as possible.

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