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How to take care of aesthetic veneers so that they last longer

An aesthetic dental treatment represents a very significant change in the life of any person, since the smile is one of the features that is most seen, and the appearance changes a lot from a pretty smile to another with certain problems. One of the treatments that we do the most at Advance Dental Clinic is the placement of aesthetic veneers, and knowing how to take care of aesthetic veneers so that they last longer is one of the problems that our patients face.

The dental veneers that we place at Advance Dental Clinic are fine ceramic sheets, made to measure using digital technology but finished with an artistic and manual touch. They are designed to rehabilitate the external and visible part of the teeth, and it is a treatment that hardly requires tooth preparation.

Also, many of our patients are convinced to get veneers when we use our Digital Smile Design model, with which they can see the result of their smile before the treatment is performed.

However, certain aspects must be taken into account so that there is success in the placement of aesthetic veneers and extend their life as long as possible. Today we explain them to you!

5 tips to care for your veneers

Take care of oral hygiene.

Although you should not do it just to maintain the good condition of your veneers, but for your health in general, taking care of your oral health will help you take care of your aesthetic veneers. Brush your teeth three times a day and floss.

There are foods that stain teeth…

There are several foods that you should eat in moderation or minimize when you have veneers. First of all, the foods that can alter the color of the veneers. You have to know that it is difficult to stain porcelain, but not impossible, so you should be careful with drinks such as coffee, red wine, cola, and condiments such as curry and soy sauce.

Be careful with hard foods

In addition, hard foods such as hard nougat and sticky or dried fruit such as candies can fracture or peel the veneers regardless of the material they are made of, or even cause them to peel.

Stop smoking

Tobacco is the enemy of all dental treatments, and it also favors dental veneers not lasting long. In addition, with the passage of time, the veneers will darken, and a greater difference will be observed with natural teeth and veneers.

Avoid biting your nails

It is a bad habit that can lead you to lose your veneers. And we are not just talking about biting your nails, since biting objects like pens or using your teeth to open anything is just as bad, and it can have the same end: end up breaking the veneers.

If you are thinking of undergoing aesthetic dental treatment and want to know how to care for aesthetic veneers so that they last longer, contact us and we will advise you on what you need.

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