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Teeth whitening at home with no control, a danger to your enamel

If you want to get teeth whitening, be clear about one thing: doing it at home on your own is 100% inadvisable. In the following lines we explain the reasons.

The main reason why you have to go to clinics specialized in this type of treatment is that it is essential to know the characteristics of the enamel. It is something key to know how to proceed when whitening teeth. In essence, teeth whitening seeks to lighten the color of teeth that have lost their natural whiteness. A cold light lamp and whitening gel trays can be used for the patient to apply each night at home. However, the results are different for each person. Among other things, they vary depending on the causes of enamel pigmentation.

We have to be clear that teeth are susceptible to capturing different pigments. Excessive consumption of certain foods and drinks will surely result in the appearance of spots. Among the most controversial foods in this regard are beets, spinach, blueberries and soy sauce. As for drinks, the ones that stain teeth the most are coffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks with dyes. Of course, if you are a smoker, the spots will almost certainly appear. However, tobacco not only has an aesthetic impact, but also harms your oral health in general.


Stay away from home teeth whitening methods

Surely you have ever been told about home methods to whiten your teeth. For example, using baking soda, rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing your teeth with a banana peel or a slice of lemon. In the latter case, the fruit acid will destroy tooth enamel. These home methods not only do not have a whitening effect but can be harmful to your health. Keep in mind that baking soda is an abrasive product that wears down the enamel and, as a consequence, increases dental sensitivity.

That is why what you have to do is go to a specialist in dental aesthetics to determine which treatment is the most suitable for you. One of the best options available to us today is White Dental Beauty. It is a cutting-edge whitening system that you can apply at home. Its bleaching power lies in hydrogen peroxide, urea and sodium tripolyphosphate. This treatment increases the pH achieving a perfect and faster whitening. A perfect alternative to whitening that at Clínica Dental Advance we make available to you.


The treatment is based on the application of whitening gels with the revolutionary Novon formula. It stands out for its high water content to keep your teeth hydrated. An ideal treatment if you suffer from dental sensitivity and cannot choose other dental whitening options. Get in touch with our clinic and we will give you all the details!


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