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Preventive Botox: What is it exactly?

In recent years, more and more tools are available to us to prevent the visible signs of aging, but also to correct a large number of oral pathologies. Recently, preventive Botox at the level of  TMJ has become one of the most demanded treatments. Do you want to know why, its advantages or which people are the right ones to undergo this procedure? We tell you!

You already know that at the Advance Dental Institute we work with the best specialists in facial aesthetics, implantology and dental aesthetics. For this reason, we are in a position to help you in a complete and personalized way. Each patient is different and has their own particularities. For this reason, our intervention must also be unique and fit your needs.

So what is preventive TMJ Botox?

Bruxism is a pathology that affects a good number of people. To this day, the causes that cause it are unknown, but it is known that situations of stress, anxiety, insomnia or poor nutrition can become triggering factors. Unfortunately, bruxism is very misdiagnosed, despite the fact that it affects more than half of the Spanish population.

Bruxism is defined as an involuntary habit of excessive grinding and clenching of the teeth. This causes the muscles responsible for chewing to be tense and excessively loaded. This situation causes a reduction in the quality of life of the patient, who may suffer headaches, neck and jaw pain. Also discomfort when chewing and even wear or loss of dental enamel, documenting cases of tooth fractures.

In this situation, we find ourselves with preventive Botox treatment for TMJ and derived pathologies, such as bruxism. Together with other procedures, such as the splint and physiotherapy, it has become a solution capable of treating all the symptoms and consequences of this pathology.

Botulinum toxin is a protein that acts between the muscle and nerve junction. Depending on the dose used, relaxation (even paralysis) of the affected muscle is obtained. These powerful results allow it to be used in multiple situations, not only in aesthetic treatments, but also in general and oral medicine.

In the case of preventive Botox for TMJ and bruxism, its application will be carried out in the masseter muscle, the most important one involved in chewing. A remarkable relaxation is obtained, avoiding its excessive contraction and, therefore, reducing or eliminating the symptoms of bruxism. It is fast, simple and painless.

Another very current application that you will find in our clinic is for very bruxist patients who have even worn down their teeth. For all of them, an application of botulinum toxin is carried out to later carry out porcelain restorations. In this way, a total rehabilitation of the smile is achieved with aesthetic results beyond any doubt.

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