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Fixed or removable prosthesis: which one is better?

One of the main doubts when we have to face a dental restoration treatment is whether it is better to bet on a fixed or removable prosthesis. Which alternative will be more convenient, simple or comfortable for the patient? We will try to explain the main points of each of them along these lines.

At Advance Dental Institute we are a center specialized in dental prosthetics. We have the best solutions, both fixed and removable. If you want to achieve the best rehabilitation possible, and totally free of metal, we invite you to put yourself in the hands of our team as soon as possible. We will analyze your case, we will study it and we will propose comprehensive personalized solutions.

What is a prosthesis?

But before deciding if a fixed or removable prosthesis is more convenient, we have to understand what these solutions consist of. A prosthesis is basically that rehabilitation that is performed to replace teeth that have been lost for various reasons.

These are very precise and high-quality dental procedures and are especially recommended for cases in which dental loss is considerable. Not in vain, this treatment allows the patient to recover full functionality of his mouth and lead a totally normal life. With the passage of time, the person himself forgets that he is wearing it.

Fixed or removable prosthesis: most important characteristics

To know which alternative is the most appropriate, it is necessary to know what each of them implies. So you have to differentiate between:

Fixed dental prosthesis.

It is one that is cemented on pillars. The usual thing is that they can be on teeth or on implants. If it is the first option, a previous carving job will be needed. If we were to place the prosthesis on implants, these will be the ones that integrate into the bone structure of the mouth. Once done, the crown or bridge will be placed on them. Fixed prostheses are very useful and effective, allowing full functionality of the mouth to be achieved.

Removable dental prosthesis.

The main feature of this second option is that it can be put on and taken off when necessary. They can be partial or complete dentures. They are usually cheaper, but also somewhat more unstable than the fixed ones.
So, which one should we opt for? Fixed or removable prosthesis? As you can imagine, everything will depend on each patient, their situation, their case or the diagnosis made by a specialist. That is surely the main key to this treatment: bet on professionals.

By trusting Clínica Advance you do so in a team whose results are beyond doubt: long-lasting, reliable and harmonious. Now, achieving full functionality and outstanding dental aesthetics is possible. Looking forward to see you!

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