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The revolutionary concept in Implantology of ADVANCE

One of the treatment which Advance is pioneer as well as unique referent in the Island thanks to the high success rate in Implantology.

Our dental implants are titanium fixtures which fuse into the bone under a biological process called Osseointegration. The mentioned process takes between 3 to 6 months to take over. In Advance Dental Institute thanks to our experienced and modern treatments we can reduce those biological times to only one day.
This technique is called immediate loading Implant therapy, which consists on extracting the damaged tooth, place the appropriate implant and also load a provisional crown on the top of the implant, all the same day. Every fixed with no removable dentures at all. Obviously the case must be selected and also diagnosed in order to become a candidate to this treatment.

This technique reduces the inflammatory effect of the surgery, avoids complications and also improves the healing process since minimally invasive techniques are performed.

At the video below our Specialist, Medical Director & Cofounder of Advance Dental InstituteDr Nicolas Aronna Mallia explains step by step the process and also shows an example to understand the complete procedure of a case which needs a tooth to be extracted and also the implant and the crown will be placed the same day.

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