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Patients do not worry. Your safety is guaranteed against COVID_19 in ADVANCE DENTAL INSTITUTE

As you know, Dental Clinics represent a risk at the time to face a virus with a high contagiousness such as COVID_19, this is the reason why Advance Dental Institute has developed a Safety Protocol for all our patients which is explained below:

1-. The patients will always try to come alone in order not to over pack the waiting area unless they are taking care of a child or a person with special needs.

It is important to arrive with your own mask, in case you need one, we can provide you with a surgical mask.

2-. Our center is being treated with HOCl (Hypoclorous Acid, non toxic for patients and 99,99% effective against covid_19, bacterias and fungus) compared to toxic agents, of all surfaces and areas in order to provide a healthy and safe environment.

3-. Hypoclorous Acid: This is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungus commonly used in Hospitals in order to control the potential virus contagiousness in the environment.

It can be used over the skin and is even used to treat skin burns to avoid bacterial proliferation.

Using it as a rinse or gargling previous treatment is very effective against non symptomatic patients that may have the virus and not knowing it in the upper areas of the pharynx.

HOCl is totally non toxic for patients even in case of ingestion. You have more information here.

4-. We control the aerosol spread by high speed suction and specific devices designed to protect you and us. You can click here to know more about it.

We provide you with Hydro-alcohol in the clinic for your use throughout the time you are with us.

5-. We recommend the payment with credit/debit card in order to avoid contact transmission through cash.

6-. Our staff is provided with specific uniforms and screen protectors to avoid bilateral transmission.

7-. Previous appointment you will be recalled by our staff to ask some questions regards possible contact with COVID_19 that may represent a risk coming to the center. In the worse case scenario you will be reschedule in 15 days to ensure the healthy and safe visit.

As you can see, the Safety Protocol is designed to be safe and protected against any potential virus.

Advance Dental Institute keeps developing strategies to protect you and us against this pandemic era but always providing you with the best service and the professionalism that you deserve.

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