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Is a dental implant painful?

One of the things that worries the patient the most when having an implant is pain. At Advance we understand that this is one of the biggest fears when performing an intervention of this type. However, we are happy to tell you that in most cases, the fears are unfounded. If you wonder if a

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bótox preventivo para la ATM

Preventive Botox: What is it exactly?

In recent years, more and more tools are available to us to prevent the visible signs of aging, but also to correct a large number of oral pathologies. Recently, preventive Botox at the level of  TMJ has become one of the most demanded treatments. Do you want to know why, its advantages or which people

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sedación consciente

Conscious sedation: what is it?

Do you know what conscious sedation is? Do you know all its applications in the maintenance of oral health? In what moments or cases would a specialist bet on it? We are going to try to solve all the main doubts that may surround this technique in these new lines of our blog. At Advance

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